Monday, April 27, 2009

Shoes shoes and shoes!

Awesome, aren't they....

First three pairs of shoes from Luxirare's blog and last pair from Park and Cube's blog.

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  1. yo i was totaly thinking about the last pair, because i want to spice up these pair of booties i got from le chateau, i thought of super glue and chains for the heels, since the texture doesnt match the upper part and it bugs me the top two are from snaz75 which takes pay pal hallaluia i cant spell, anyway there totaly diyable it excites me haha im a crafty nerd
    also i must say how much i love her blog. its so well put together, and the food holey crap like can i hire you to be my personal chef half the stuff she posts ive never tasted in my life and i was even considering printing out her recipes and gluing them into a small recipe book of greatness haha
    also alsoooo lol i ment to ask you what year are u in at ryerson, you said art right?