Wednesday, April 29, 2009


From what I can tell, this whole outfit is made of lace...

The Suburbs and Trailor Parks

No one who lives in these places would be this fabulously dressed... Oh well... Who cares about consistency!


Makes me think of spiderwebs. Very DIYable.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Grungy Chic

I love people who can pull this look off.

Armour Amour

Love this vest...


If I were going to a ball, I would want to wear this gown...


I love this zipper bracelet!

Desert Gem

Reminds me slightly of the Girl With the Pearl Earring... Something so graceful.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Panos Yiapanis

Amazing stylist! I found out about him thanks to Man Fox.

Headbanger's Ball

Discovered through Foxyman's blog.

Night Flowers

Something so odd and mysterious about this...

Dancing on Tables

Very classic.

David Tale

From designer David Tale. I love these!!!


A little scary...



So today, I cut down the ugly tree (more a glorified bush) in front of my house. It's the first tree I've ever cut down and I did the whole thing with a normal saw and axe (no chainsaw). It took forever and I'm oddly proud of it. So in this photo, we see a fabulous woman drinking wine in front of a pile of logs... I kind of feel like this, just less glamorous. (Isn't that top amazing!)

Shoes shoes and shoes!

Awesome, aren't they....

First three pairs of shoes from Luxirare's blog and last pair from Park and Cube's blog.

Just Stare and Look Hot

I swear this was probably the instructions this model got for this shoot: Just stare at the camera and look hot.


Awesome gold dress...

Cousin It

I don't know how the model could see the runway, but there's something awesome about this.

Hel Looks

Helsinki, Finland street style found at Hel Looks. Gotta love the Finns.

Indians and Cowboys

I don't remember where I found these, but I love them!