Monday, April 27, 2009

Indians and Cowboys

I don't remember where I found these, but I love them!


  1. the foxy man i think
    and i drooool all over those pants

  2. i am seriously thinking about finding a job and moving to australia
    it seems like such an amazing place to live and to work
    it seems also to be booming with fashion
    and its the number one spot for wildlife, well australia and the galapagos but doubt i could move there. ive heard great things about that place and theres nothing really for me here in canada, i dont have any friends at york because i just havnt really made any and for some reason i cant find a job, ANYWHERE. seriously i must have the worst resume or something because ive applied at so many places :( ill have to keep trying. my boyfriend and i origonally wanted to move to cali because he used to live there but because of the recession we didnt think it was a good idea. and the funny part is i applied to york and ryerson, ryerson was my first choice but i didnt make it in because i dont think my grades were high enough its such a competitive school i heard its really challenging, i wanted to go there to because thats where my uncle got his engineering degree, i was thinking about there fashion program but its more of a hobby then a job i would know where to start with marketing and all that.